Cross Country Pipe Line : Laying Of Oil & Gas Pipe Line, Hydrotesting, Pigging, Testing & Commissioning
Power Plant : Fabrication/Installation & Pre-Commissioning of Piping.
Fabrication & Installation of Structure.
Installation & Pre – Commissioning of Equipment.
Refinery & Terminal : Installation & Pre Commissioning Of Marine Loading Arms
Rack Piping
Under Ground & Above Ground Pipe Line
Unit Piping, Hydro – Testing & Pre – Commissioning
Land Fall Point Pipe Line & Tie – in Joint


Top Side Hook – Up, Pre – Commissioning, Decommissioning & Commissioning Of Platforms
Piping work on platforms such as flow arm and riser piping, water injection and gas lift lines using CS, NACE, SS, DSS, Incolloy and Cu - Ni material
Revamping of Process Platform
Installation of Electrical & Instrumentation system including DCS, PLC SCADA System Shut Down Panel.
Sub Sea Fabrication of Riser Protector, Conductor Protector, J Tube & Sub Sea Clamp


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